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    Anime has been around for centuries. Most people know about it, but not many know about how it was made or what the very first one was. Usually, “otakus” only know about their favorite animes, the ones on their watch list, or the ones they have been waiting years for a second season to come out. Often though people greatly dislike anime and the people who watch it without even trying it out on their own or thinking about what it means to the ones who do like watching it.

    The very first anime was made in 1916 and is believed to be called Dekobo Shingacho: Meian no Shippai, meaning “bumpy new picture book”. Shimokawa Oten made it out of chalk and the duration was only about five minutes long. Shimokawa Oten was also one of the fathers of anime, seeing as he did make the first anime. He also made the first anime to be shown in the theatre, which was a pretty big success. “Mukuzo Imokawa the Doorman was the first Japanese animated film to be shown in theaters” (Rarebit). He had made a few more films but supposedly had stopped for health problems. Shimokawa Oten had also sadly passed away in 1973 at the age of 81.

    Osamu Tezuka is considered one of the three fathers of anime/manga. After World War II, Osamu Tezuka created his own cartoon called Shintakarajima. His second release, Astro Boy, was what made him famous and gave him the title “The Father of Manga and Anime”. He decided to make his own production company in 1962 when he was only 34 years old. His company did end up going bankrupt in 1973, but Osamu Tezuka had decided to continue to make comics. Sadly, Osamu Tezuka passed away in 1989, but he will still forever be one of “The Fathers of Manga and Anime”.

    Many other animators started trying out the same style the Astro Boy animation was done in. Using these styles, animes such as Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, and Pokémon were created. Anime has been continued for such a long time and it does not seem like it will be ending any time in the near future. Shimokawa Oten and Osamu Tezuka were both such huge people in the world of anime and manga and nothing will ever be able to change that. There are multiple different genres of anime and manga out there so most people can find at least one genre they are interested in.

    In conclusion, anime has even been made for people of all ages ranging from adult choices to child choices. Though there are more selections for teenagers and adults, there is plenty for children as well. Many famous, and not so famous, animes also release merchandise for their fans so they can show to the world their love for that certain show or shows. Anime has been able to change many lives of people and the producers have no idea how much of an impact their shows have on the fans.






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