informative writing final draft

     Anime has been around for centuries. Most people know about it, but not many know about how it was made or what the very first one was. Usually, “otakus” only know about their favorite animes, the ones on their watch list, or the ones they have been waiting years for a second season to come out. Often though people greatly dislike anime and the people who watch it without even trying it out on their own or thinking about what it means to the ones who do like watching it.      The very first anime was made in 1916 and is believed to be called Dekobo Shingacho: Meian no Shippai, meaning “bumpy new picture book”. Shimokawa Oten made it out of chalk and the duration was only about five minutes long. Shimokawa Oten was also one of the fathers of anime, seeing as he did make the first anime. He also made the first anime to be shown in the theatre, which was a pretty big success. “Mukuzo Imokawa the Doorman was the first Japanese animated film to be shown in theaters” (Rarebit). He had

First time i saw anime

  Ring! The last school bell went off, which meant it was finally summer! My siblings and I ran to our parent’s car and got in as fast as we could. Everyone in my house knew what the school year ending meant. As soon as we all got home, we immediately went to our rooms and started packing. We were going to South Carolina to see our aunt like we did every summer. Everyone was so excited about this; us because she had a pool, and our parents because they would not have children for a few weeks.  A few days later, my mom asked, “Is everyone packed and ready to go?” We all screamed yes, and ran out to the living room with our suitcase. Once we had our stuff in the living room, my parents brought it out to the car, while my siblings and I went to go say goodbye to our grandparents since they lived right across the street. We hugged them and said our farewells, then off we went!  As a kid, I would get car sick easily. That made the road trips quite unbearable for us at times. Most of t

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anaphoric poem

             I remember back when I was a child              Half the things I did revolved around anime              What I watched, what my computer screen had on it,              Even what my backpack was!              You could even say it saved me.              I was being engulfed by my siblings’ shadows,              And when it was almost completely done,              Anime became everything.              I didn’t need my mother’s full attention anymore              All I needed was the safety of my TV.