First time i saw anime


The last school bell went off, which meant it was finally summer! My siblings and I ran to our parent’s car and got in as fast as we could. Everyone in my house knew what the school year ending meant. As soon as we all got home, we immediately went to our rooms and started packing. We were going to South Carolina to see our aunt like we did every summer. Everyone was so excited about this; us because she had a pool, and our parents because they would not have children for a few weeks. 

A few days later, my mom asked, “Is everyone packed and ready to go?”

We all screamed yes, and ran out to the living room with our suitcase. Once we had our stuff in the living room, my parents brought it out to the car, while my siblings and I went to go say goodbye to our grandparents since they lived right across the street. We hugged them and said our farewells, then off we went! 

As a kid, I would get car sick easily. That made the road trips quite unbearable for us at times. Most of the time, I would just sleep as much as I could so no one would have to deal with me getting sick. My sister would be reading her book, and my brother would also be sleeping. It took us about five hours to get there from where we lived, so we just ate dinner and went straight to bed. The next day was when we would start the fun. 

“Kids!! Wake up!” my aunt shouted from the kitchen.

We immediately got up and went to eat our cereal.

“Can we swim now?” I asked.

“Yeah, can we? Please!” the other two begged.

My aunt responded, “Well… I guess so since that’s all you come here for, am I right?”

“No! Not at all! We love coming to see you!” my brother said.

“Okay… well, let’s go get our swimsuits on then!”

We all ran to get them from the suitcase and went to get them on. After we were dressed, we went out the back door, grabbed some goggles, and jumped in the pool. For lunch, my aunt brought out some Uncrustables for us to eat, and we would have to wait to get back in the pool. We finished up playing and went inside for the night.

The next day, we went over to our friend Macy’s house to swim. She was older than all of us, so she had cooler things to play with. We swam for a few hours before coming up to eat lunch. Her mom gave us blackberries and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. That was the day I discovered I liked blackberries. After lunch, we swam some more, dried off, and went inside to watch television. Since it was Macy’s house, she chose what we would watch. Because I was young, I did not know about other countries’ shows and had no clue what she had put on. I decided to ask her what it was. 

“What are we watching?”

“It’s an anime on Netflix called ‘Black Butler’,”  she answered. 

“Oh, I’ll watch it when I get home,” I said.

“Yeah! You totally should, it’s good.”

The summer sadly had to come to an end, and we had to go home. As soon as we got home, though, I looked up the anime and started watching it. I ended up watching it and a few others, and I was completely hooked. 

The taste of blackberries, PB&J sandwiches, the smell of chlorine filled water, and the memories I have locked in my head causes me to never forget the summers I went to my aunt’s house. 


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